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How long will the LEDs in the SafeLight last?
The SafeLights will last for up to 25 years before the LEDs begin to dim.
How much does it cost to operate a SafeLight?
The SafeLight costs around 10 cents a year to power (depending on your local cost of power).
How does the SafeLight turn on and off?
There are 2 ways that the SafeLight turns on and off:

1. It has a small switch on the face of the plate that can adjust the brightness levels to dim and bright. There is also an “off” setting, so if you ever want the lights off, even during the night, just turn the switch off!

2. Located behind the switch is a light sensor. This light sensor will automatically turn the LEDs off during the day, and at night, the LEDs will turn back on gradually as the light in the room is decreased.
Is the SafeLight ETL listed?
No. The SafeLight uses the same core, prong technology that is in the ETL listed GuideLights, Chargers and SwitchLights. Even though there are many products available on the market that use sliding safety doors (SnapPower’s is the only one with a light), ETL will not certify these products. This is because the safety door keeps the plug from going ALL they way into the outlet. The circuitry is still designed to meet ETL standards.
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